Alex Garland

Bio: I'm a freelance photojournalist, finding stories of protest, solidarity, support, and grassroots activism. When not covering political or social change, you can find me in the forest, photographing trees, rivers, mountains, insects, and any animals that cross my path. I can be hired to document your wedding, capture portraits of loved ones, making food look beautiful, or shooting your brilliantly designed products in the field or studio.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. ALEX –

    Great truth-telling photo-journalism !

    Please be safe out there so we can continue to be rightfully informed by the press.

    Looking forward to your fine-art photography also.

    – MATT

  2. Hey Alex, Thanks for your work and glad I stumbled on your site! Have you covered any of the movement to raise awareness about child sexual abuse and exploitation? USA is the #1 producer of images (@Thorn) and ~ 1 in 3 kids are affected by some form of sexual abuse–boys and girls. Ill send you a msg, thanks again for your heart–so glad the arc of the moral universe bends towards Justice.

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