Georgie Ann Lilgreen (Jumping Mouse) – What happens if the pipeline is completed? “It’s poison. It’s our health, it’s our way of life. We’re standing for future generations. This land that we stand on and the things that we do, gives us life. This is what keeps us alive. We are made of it, and we can’t live without it and yet we continue to move forward in a way where we’re disregarding that fact. We’re not taking it into consideration.” Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “Absolutely. It is happening lots of places, in Alaska, all over the world. I would hope that this type of resistance would spread. I will go where I need to go, where the opportunity opens up. At the same time, I need to listen to the creator and make sure that I am walking the path that is meant for me to walk. This is so much more than just fight, it’s spiritual too.” What affect will Donald Trumps election have on you? “I wasn’t voting for either one of them. There’s so much that needs to happen. The direct effect hits all of us. Honestly, I’m not sure how much any president has say in anything. It’s the corporate minded people they’re bought by. This whole consumerism, excessive consumerism. It’s about finding a balance. That whole system affects all of us.”

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