Jane Eaglespeaker – What happens if this pipeline get’s completed? “I think there will be a lot more direct action. All these people are praying so hard, it can’t be. It’s got to be Obama’s last thing he does. If he does anything he’s gotta stop this pipeline. We got word that’s its going to be delayed, which is some good news, but it just means that our people are going to be out here even longer. It’s going to snow tomorrow, and some elders don’t even have winter shelters. Trying to explain so many things to so many people and there’s so much to do, it’s just overwhelming. It’s really wonderful how so many people came together. Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “They’re doing it all over. This is not just the pipeline. It’s so much more. It’s our ancestors, it’s our land, it’s our people. WE’ve got graves all over out here and people don’t even know they’re there and they get desecrated. I don’t see why we couldn’t do it other places. I just get sad when you hear on the security walkie talkies, you can hear those DAPL workers up there. They’re just full of hatred. The things they say are just unbelievable. I know they live sheltered lives outside of the urban areas, but we’re people. It’s peaceful here. I wish they would just come down and see, they may want to join us. What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? “Thank god I’m part Canadian. I don’t think I can give up the fight that easy because I was born here. I think it’s going to affect everybody. I know it’s going to. Seeing this camp here gives me a lot of hope. Look at all these people from all over the world. We always had Donald Trumps everywhere. Donald Trump ain’t nothing new. WE have people like that all over. It’s this that matters. It’s people coming together and supporting fellow man and standing up for what is right. Donald Trump can’t take that power away from us. He can try, but we’ve been oppressed for 500 years, and we still here.”

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