Herb Goodwin – What happens if the pipeline gets completed? “If this pipeline gets completed there’s going to be a huge amount of oil that gets out and gets combusted. It’s going to give them a way to open up the taps and get more oil out of the Bakken. We’ve got to stop burning that stuff. It’s a step in the wrong direction. It doesn’t help anybody. The pipeline isn’t even necessary, it’s just so they can make money faster.” Is this resistance movement something you can move to another fossil fuel fight? “I sure hope so. I think it can. The indigenous folks need our support. Even if it’s a non-indigenous issue. I think camps are a good thing. I lived in the Occupy camp for 60 days before I got arrested. I believe in taking territory and holding it. What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? “It’s going to have a disastrous effect on everyones lives. We now have a fascist political state who plan to deport 3 million brown people, beef up the military (already the largest in the world) and it’s all to control us and control oil. I was in jail last night, but I got to watch some news, and it seemed like a white separatist news station that I was listening to because the broadcaster was so biased on all these points. It was like a Trump parroting station. There were a bunch of interviews about people talking about the protestors and what dirty, grubby people they are and how none of them have a job except being a paid protestor. There was a big segment about all the money flowing into camp to pay protestors. They showed an ad that appeared in some paper promising anyone who would go to Montana and protest, they would get paid $1000. They were putting this up as the reason behind all the activity here. Not because anyone opposed anything, they were just being paid to come protest. Anybody could have put that ad in. Then they based their news reporting around this ad appearing. It was a flagrantly white nationalist news station, and it’s the major news station in Fargo.”

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