Aliah Rogers – What happens if the pipeline is completed? “I honestly feel that there is so much building on so many levels right now, that even if it goes through, it’s going to be stopped at some point. I’m not so worried about that because I feel the power of what’s happening here. Even what’s happening with awareness of people in the United States and globally with issues of big oil and corruption and the total disregard of legality. This action is still calling people to attention to what’s happening. I really trust that there’s an momentum right now and a fire with this. I do not see it going out, at all. Even if it goes in, it will be stopped.” Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “Totally. It already has. There are more actions happening because the energy of confidence, and inspiration and solidarity, it does spread worldwide. People are moved by this all over our planet. It’s going to continue to ignite fires of empowerment and resistance.” What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? “As a white person and somewhat privileged, I would say very little compared to minorities. I don’t see him staying this position. I feel like in some ways he’s a perfect catalyst. With Hillary, people could have just stayed asleep, like “hey, we did good” and yet I feel like she’s just as complicit in some of these actions that are creating incredible harm. I feel like there is some benefit in Trump being there because it’s keeping people on their toes. I sense that we’re in such a place of change that anything can happen. I don’t see any person taking office actually lasting 4 years. I feel like there is such a readiness for incredible change. I’m on the strangely hopeful side with Trump because I feel like it’s going to create more change. With everything going on for myself, it’s important that I stay really open because we’re in such a time for potential.”

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