Bill Gemmell – What happens if the pipeline gets completed? “If it gets completed we become more dependent on oil. We take the chance of environmental harming what’s left of our natural resources of water, our land. There’s been so many spills throughout the US. The companies don’t do the cleanup they’re supposed to do when they do happen and we need to use renewable sources. There are countries that run off of solar energy. Why don’t we? Because the oil companies have a stranglehold on our political system.” Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “Oh yes, most definitely. It’s been a great learning experience as well as an eye opener in many aspects. I expect to take some of the knowledge back with me and put some of it to use.” What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? “I’m hoping to make it through the next four years. I’m hoping there’s some better choices when that time is up. I was not thrilled with either choice, and I don’t feel like most Americans were thrilled with either choice. I think the best candidates were gone early. Low turnout, also those that did vote weren’t voting for their candidate necessarily, they were voting against the other one, whichever one that may be. I just want to make it through the next four years with everything intact. If we have to start over again, we start over again.”

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