Magen Kilcoyne – What happens if the pipeline is completed? “I think it will set the stage for other companies, for other factions of the government to get free reign. If this pipeline gets put it, I think it sets the tone for our use of energy in general. I think this is a country that should be far and away above in gather and using alternative sources, but the money behind it is really setting that stage. I think if the pipeline is completed I think it has larger implications for others in other countries as well because it’s going to be continuing the exploitation if you will. I think it sets the tone for corporations and big money, gives them immunity, which is really dangerous moving forward.” Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “I hope so. We marched in downtown Denver last weekend, with Denver public school students. It was really interesting, I’ve taken part in other civil disobedience it varies realms, but it was really interesting to me because the people who were downtown having a normal Saturday night were approaching us and I’m used to being defensive when an outsider approaches an action and I found that it was very different. These people were genuinely inquisitive and curious and were appalled when they found out that their media sources were not feeding them this information. I think if anything else this is an awakening in which people in various realms of our society, you see teachers, you see environmentalists, you see people of all different ages. I think it has definitely lit a fire that if given the proper attention through our more makeshift forms of media, I think it has that potential. It’s a bigger symbolism of big money vs. earth. The actions we’re taking are unsustainable. I think it not only takes this sort of resistance, but I also think it takes shifts in our standardized education curriculums. This group of teachers, we’re really lucky and being a social studies teacher, I’ve always fought that curriculum because it think it’s the agenda of the big money and government. I used to teach in Chicago and I’ve always been brave enough to say “fuck that curriculum” and I think we’re all at a school right now where we are given that license. I think it needs to happen under an umbrella of people. I think we need to shift what we teach our kids in school and I think we need to shift where we get our news. How else does it happen but from the bottom and it’s scary, but we’re teaching our kids to speak up even if your voice quivers. I sleep better at night knowing that we have riled up thousands if not 10s of thousands of kids in our generation of teachers. My hope is that it spreads and it might happen slowly, but it has to. “ What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? “It will affect me probably more indirectly. We have a very large population of students whose parents might not be documented, or some of them might not be documented and it’s been a couple weeks of fear. I know trying to process what happened as an adult, and then trying to calm thousands of kids. I think the election of Trump has awakened some of these schisms that I think if it had turned out otherwise might have been swept under the rug. I’d like to believe that this is the catalyst that might really shift people because so much has been brought to light. I think we need election reform but it’s one thing to complain about what the next four years is going to bring but I think it’s equally important to start raising questions about the process itself. We know the mess the primaries brought us , let alone the bigger picture. One thing I’m really proud about is how our mayor in Denver, Mayor Hancock has said that our families in Denver and Aurora are safe. We will not enforce those federal laws coming down. I’m hoping that this election will bring not only the people rising up to say no more to this big government that’s in bed with big media and big money. My hope is that local and state governments will step up and stand as obstacles to some of these policies passing. We can’t ignore this. It has polarized people, but I hope it ignites people to say this is not what we will stand for. I told my kids, I stand for you, I stand for your parents, and I stand for your grandparents who have fought so hard to have a decent life. When we’re gone, what are the next generations going to have. I’m standing today because it’s just not a time to sit.”

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