Liam Cain – What happens if the pipeline is completed? “It’s a war, there are multiple battles. It’s not nearly that simplistic, this is a pretty existential issue for a lot of the people here specifically the indigenous people. Worst case scenario the pipeline is completed and there is product in the line I think we’re learning a hell of a lot. I think we’re building a hell of a lot of solid relationships and networks and sharing tactics that work and tactics that don’t work. I think, for me anyway, this particular issue has really been crystallizing a lot about the fossil fuel extraction in general. Not just the environmental degradation but how that ties into white supremacy and racism and historical disregard for indigenous people. That’s very galvanizing on top of the fact that if we keep doing this shit, we’re not going to have a planet that habitable for humans. There’s quite a few levels it resonates for people on. If it is completed, we take what we learned from this and take it to the next one. We fight the fuckers every fucking step of the way. We will prevail, even if its death by a thousand cuts, we have the masses.” Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “Yes. I do feel that this is a pretty particular situation in a way. It brought people together in a way that maybe the KXL fight brought a lot of people together, but maybe this is doing it slightly different. Especially with indigenous rights and historical disregard for indigenous people, their territory, sovereignty, things like that being centered in this fight on the front end of the rape and pillage of the earth, is a little more unique. There’s a lot of these projects going on in indigenous peoples land and quite a few of them aren’t comfortable with that. That particular cross section there, sadly, will be replicated many more times and will bring a lot more people together. I’m with Labor For Standing Rock and you’ve got rank and file union members, militants and dissidents in their union who are used to fighting establishment power and structures that are theoretically there to protect working class people. You’ve got them here. You’ve got environmentalists from a host of different organizations, you’ve got indigenous people here, you’ve got a hell of a lot of different people here, all building that common cause, sweating together, working together, living communally. I think it builds some pretty strong bonds that maybe this particular camp, this particular incident might not replicate itself but I think we’re building tremendous bonds going forward, win lose or otherwise in this particular fight. I think it will strengthen us in the long haul fighting fossil fuel extraction and the gross over-reliance our nation has on that.” What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? “Honestly I’m not really sure. I’ve been really involved in Standing Rock stuff since before and after it’s been going on. I haven’t really stopped and percolated on that. Off the top of my head, I’m a union member, I fight wildland fires for the feds these days and both of those don’t seem to be jobs that are going to be positively impacted by Donald Trump. I’m not really sure what the repercussions will be. Having said that, I’m a straight white dude in the USA, so relative to a fuck load of other people, I’m in a way better situation. For me personally, it’s not so much what it does to me, but it’s about people, regular folks, I think we’re going to have to really work, whether that’s building more effective and broader based anti-racist, anti fascist organizations and really make a point in our personal lives, especially people that look like me, straight white dudes, are going to have to really make a concerted effort to oppose that. We have to push back against that. We need to join ranks as regular folks in this nation, and absolutely, vehemently, strenuously, vocally or physically, whatever that means, oppose going out and scapegoating innocent people to make up for structural issues going on with this nation. It’s capitalism, it’s exploitation of regular folks and then it’s offering up disadvantaged people as a sacrifice for that. For the very genuine and understandable rage that a lot of people have about the way this nation is ran. It’s offering up innocent people as an outlet for that rage, and that’s fucked.”

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