Violet Redbird Nez – “There might be possible leakage from the pipeline that might contaminate the water and the surrounding environment and that’s not good. You see it happening all around the world, pipelines breaking, getting into the water, polluting the water. It’s not really bing cleaned up. They cerated that, they should clean up their mess, but they’re not. It’s there killing the wildlife. They’re messing with Mother Nature and that’s very taboo for Native Americans, all nations that are traditional and that’s not good.” Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “Yes. When I first got here, the welcoming that we received was so warming, people of all nations, not just Native Americans, but I’ve seen Italian, I’ve seen Australian people here, I’ve seen lot’s of Caucasian, Chinese, African American and I’m like wow, that’s awesome. They’re all here helping. It’s a continuous cycle to help prepare meals, and cook and through the camp it’s like that. All you see here is humbleness and kindness and that’s a good feeling.” What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? “When he first got elected, it was like a punch in the stomach, just this worst feeling ever. Kind of like losing a loved one, when you go through mourning, it was like that for me. It was the worst news you could possibly hear. It wasn’t a good feeling for me. It took me a couple days to come out of it. I don’t think he’s going to do good for our country. For me, he didn’t represent what a politician, what a president should be like. He just doesn’t have it in him. He makes snide comments on TV, he’s just not a professional. He’s not like the presidents we’ve had in the past. My gut instinct is that he’s not going to last. He’s going to mess up down the road and get impeached or somebody might assassinate him. That’s what I think. In the Navajo way, everything comes to balance. If you listen to the stories our elders have, everything is in balance, the earth, the stars, the sun, the animals, us humans, we’re all in balance together. We have to take care of that, we have to honor it, we have to be thankful for the things we have. When people come in and stir up the harmony of the earth and the balance, like what they’re doing up there, it’s not good. It’s upsets everything the cycle.” How do we restore that balance? “In our culture, we have offerings. That’s why we came, to give corn pollen to the water, be thankful. We’ve gotta give back to the earth with our ceremonies and I think we shouldn’t take too much of something. We only should take what we need for this lifetime, for your lifetime, not something for something that’s going togo over. You don’t need all that abundance. That’s greed over there (pointing to the pipeline) and that takes you nowhere in the end. All you see are bad things, hate, not being respectful. I’ve heard some stories, ladies saying that they’re really bad, they treat us really bad when we pray, when we’re protecting over there, but they’re saying really ugly things to us and it really hurts. We could use other things like the sun, the wind, and get our energy that way. That’s another way we could move towards, something more sustainable. Last night they brought in an elk and a deer and they fed people, and that was enough.”

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