March on Amazon leads demonstration through Capitol Hill

Seattle, WA – March 12, 2018

“With its planned vote on a new tax on its largest 3% of Seattle businesses, the city will be up against history Monday afternoon, District 3 representative and Socialist Alternative firebrand Kshama Sawant said Saturday as she prepared to lead her “March on Amazon.”

“This will be a historic victory,” Sawant told CHS. “This will be seen by every city where Amazon is building towers. But also every city in the United States. Because every city is facing a housing and homelessness crisis.” –



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Multiple Activists Arrested After Blocking Street In Protest of Chase Bank

Seattle, WA – May 7th, 2018

Activists erect “tarpees”, structures originally designed for Standing Rock, in the middle of 2nd Ave between Union St. and University St. in downtown Seattle. Their protest of Chase Bank and it’s continued investment in climate change brought a large response from both Seattle police and fire.

14 activists were arrested, 10 at street level, 4 sitting on tarpees.

From the Facebook event page…

“We’ll be honest — we’re angry. For over a year we have been calling on JPMorgan Chase to stop financing new tar sands pipelines. We’ve held huge protests, made front page news, delivered a petition signed by 152,000 people. We even met with their Pacific Northwest management.

And now… now we have learned that since Trump took office, JPMorgan Chase has quadrupled its investments in tar sands and increased its financing of coal by 2,100%. Yeah, the hurricanes may be brewing and the wildfires raging, but the 1% gotta make some more money, right.

And it gets worse: Chase is currently trying to block its own shareholders from introducing and voting on a resolution that would force it to complete a study into its tar sands investments.

We have no other option — on May 7th we are going to #ShutDownChase all over again.

We’ll be meeting at Westlake Park for a brief rally with speakers before traveling to visit a nearby bank, where we will meet with others.

What: #ShutDownChase – Rally & March
When: May 7th, April 30th, 9:30 AM
Where: Westlake Park, 401 Pine Street, Seattle

May 7th will be a major National Day of Action targeting JPMorgan Chase. There will be actions in at least a dozen cities across the county, including San Francisco, New York, Dallas and, of course, Seattle. The Day of Action comes a week before Chase’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and it is the perfect time to make sure that its shareholders hear about its tar sands investments. To make this happen, we’re going to need a lot of help.

We hope that you can join us.


May Day Seattle 2018

Indigenous Activists Lead Women’s March In Seattle

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Tens of thousands packed Cal Anderson Park as thousands more packed the surrounding streets during the 2018 Women’s March. The march wound from Capitol Hill down Pine to Westlake Park before ending at Seattle Center.

The march was led by Indigenous people honoring missing and murdered Indigenous Women.

From the committee: “We would like to respectfully invite all families of M.M.I.W. victims to attend. We seek to bring awareness to the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women and colonial gender based violence in the United States and Canada.”

What: Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Washington March
When: January 20th 2018 9 AM
Where: Cal Anderson Park 1635 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
Contact: Roxanne White

Key Details: The march starts at Cal Anderson Park & ends at The Seattle Center.

Indigenous people will meet at 9:00 AM at Cal Anderson Park, by the stage. We are aware that the march doesn’t start until 11:30 AM, but we want to have adequate time to honor the M.M.I.W. families that have confirmed attendance.

9:00 AM Opening Prayers—Blake Shelafoe & Cecile Ann Hansen~a descendant within the family of Chief Si ‘ahl («Chief Seattle») — has served as the elected chair of Duwamish people since 1975.

Opening Song—Melinda James (Quileute, Skokomish, Muckleshoot)

Speaker – Deborah Parker (Tulalip/Yaqui)

Honoring the Families of our M.M.I.W.—Jacqueline Salyers family, Renee Davis family, Jessica Santos family, Ashley Loring family, Giovanna Colfax Tyler Makah family, Leona LeClair Kinsey family & Misty Upham family.

Bring banners, signs, posters, drums, rattles, songs & prayers.

We will line up immediately after the ceremony on East Pine Street, then proceed down 4th Avenue toward Westlake, ending at Seattle Center and meeting at the John T. Williams Totem Pole

Please bring folding chairs for elders if you can.

If there are any additional MMIW families that are attending or would like to attend that we have not confirmed or listed please contact

Organizers statements

As an Indigenous woman & Grandmother I have survived much trauma. I have often prayed and asked creator how and why did I survive and so many of my sister’s did not. My path has taken me on many front-lines of grassroots movements to use my voice for Justice. It has been a honor & humbling experience to assist on coordinating & organizing the Indigenous led portion of this Seattle Women’s March 2018. Our only purpose is to honor the M.I.W.W. families & bring awareness to the world of this Epidemic in Our Nations across Turtle Island, Canada & North America. I believe in my spirit that I have been called speak out & stand for all those that don’t have a voice.~Roxanne White (Yakama)

Awareness of missing and murdered indigenous women is the people’s movement, based on grief and unjust work by authorities. We are taking our voice back. When a sister can’t, I will. When I can’t, a sister will. This isn’t just my voice, this is the voice of all Indigenous Women. When there is a need within the people, we step up and speak up. We must take any platform we can to bring awareness, we are not just statistics. Women are healers, life giving sacred beings; the violence against us must stop.~Ixtli White Hawk

Our Indigenous Women are spiritual beings. We have a close connection to the universe and all living beings. We are a door to the Spiritual realm. We are closely connected to the water and our Mother-earth. We are the original stewards and caretakers of this land. We teach our Children to carry on these traditions. Therefore, I think our women and children are being targeted by our government and Corporate entities. Our Indigenous Women are the most oppressed amongst all the Nations. Statistics show it; Indigenous Women have ten times the National average for sexual and domestic assault. Homicide is the 5th leading cause of death amongst Native American Women. 70% of these cases go un-prosecuted. The authorities; the police, children protective services, and the federal government don’t want to properly investigate our cases. Our cases go un-investigated, placed on the back burner, or go mislabeled. Our children continue to be taken from us and placed outside of our families. Some of the children become lost and unattached from their People. They conform to this colonial society, or they self-destruct; including, selling themselves in these man camps to survive, or committing suicide. There is a close connection to our Indigenous People and what the Corporations are doing to our environment. If our People lose our connection to the universe and our Mother-earth, we will all perish. We need to address our Indigenous People’s issues and help them heal. Our Indigenous People need to be the first thought, and not the last. When we help the most oppressed, our Indigenous Women heal, our whole Nation will heal, our Mother-earth will heal. When Our Indigenous Women Rise, we all Rise! Come help us uplift Our Indigenous Women and Children.” ~Earth Feather Sovereign (Colville)

Defend DACA Rally

El Centro de la Raza – Seattle, WA

September 5th, 2017