Bitter Lake Hobby Lobby opening greeted by protest over SCOTUS ruling

At 7AM a group of demonstrators gathered on the sidewalk near the parking lot of the recently opened Hobby Lobby in North Seattle to oppose the Supreme Court ruling that denies certain healthcare options for Hobby Lobby employees. The protestors were holding a 12 hour demonstration in front of the building as a small contingent of pro-Hobby Lobby supporters held signs proclaiming their love for the corporation. As vehicles passed, the reactions were mixed, but the majority of the passers by in support of those holding the Boycott Hobby Lobby signs. The numbers varied throughout the day, with the majority of demonstrators lining the streets before noon and from 4pm – 7pm. A group of high school students from nearby Ingraham H.S. decided to stop by on their lunch break after seeing the demonstrators on their way to school that morning. According to the students, they are members of the Humanitarian Society and are currently focusing on women’s rights issues. Some students may be organizing a protest of their own against Hobby Lobby on Monday, October 6th.

From the Boycott Hobby Lobby pamphlet…

Why Boycott Hobby Lobby?

– The only person who should make decisions about your healthcare is you. Not your employer.

– We are here to raie awareness and help everyone understand their rights, and more importantly how those rights are being threatened.

– We are here to encourage our neighbors to spend their money elsewhere.

What did Hobby Lobby Do?

– Earlier this year, the owners of Hobby Lobby went to the Supreme Court seeking exemption from covering certain contraception options for their female employees.

– The result of this ruling denies certain healthcare options for Hobby Lobby employees, and puts every American citizen at risk of being subject to not only healthcare restrictions but employment discrimination of all kinds, now and in the future.

How does this affect me?

– An employer, now or in the future, has an open door to potentially restrict or deny the healthcare options you might choose for you and your family. We don’t think that’s right.”

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