Seattle Marches To Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

Activists for Indigenous rights, tribal members, native leaders, and indigenous people from around North America gathered to rally and celebrate Seattle’s newest holiday, Indigenous People’s Day, replacing Columbus Day. The event included a rally at Westlake Park, a march to Seattle Center and a rally at the John T. Williams memorial totem pole. More than 150 demonstrators marched through Seattle, stopping in intersections to sing and dance.

From the 7th Annual Abolish Columbus Day/ Indigenous Peoples Day Rally and March Facebook event page…

We will meet at Westlake Park for speaking.
We will march and sing to the John T. Williams Pole for more speaking and singing and ceremony.
Wear red. Spread the word. We need singers, dancers, chairpeople and hereditary leaders. we need mothers, fathers, sisters, sons and daughters. we need nations from all directions and colors. we need to be loud enough that the state and federal governments take notice. Lets make this the largest march yet, with the biggest wave of change following it. in the wake of our footsteps through the city may the people see, the people hear, the people remember and speak about the good that is happening in this sacred time we live in.

3 thoughts on “Seattle Marches To Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

  1. Hi Alex, Thanks so much for all you do to document “The People” in our city. It is so important! You make a lot of long shots. Is it a problem to get more close-ups – so we can see the wonderful faces? All best! Ruth McRee

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  3. i’ve reposted your article on my website but when people have tried to share it on FB they get a security warning that its a virus, i think it’s becuz of the name of your blog FYI… FB security think its an actual virus so they block it. Originally I had credited the article to your site and broke up the name, I’ll see how it goes when I make it one word… great photos BTW..

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