Hundreds protest the disappearance of of 43 students during a demonstration outside the Mexican Consulate in Seattle, WA

Demonstrators gathered at the Mexican Consulate in Seattle during a solidarity rally for the 43 missing students from Mexico, believed to have been killed by local police in collusion with drug cartels.


From the event Facebook page…

Last Saturday, the Inter Assembly of Universities of Mexico agreed to convene a national strike in the education sector on November 5, in solidarity with the relatives and friends from the 43 missing students from the Teachers School of Ayotzinapa, in the State of Guerrero.

It was reported that it is planning a national strike for 72 hours, the closure of airports and blockades the freeways.

Also, they agreed to demand radio and television stations access to spread their message from the Assembly, as well from family members and colleagues of the missing students.

The Inter-University Assembly involved students from 80 schools throughout Mexico, who demanded punishment for those responsible for the disappearance of the Ayotzinapan’s students.

“We are ready to everything. We know what are the consequences and retaliation if we speak out, but what really matters is that young people come back,” said Mr. Felipe Gómez Flores, father of one of the students that disappeared.

For its part, the student leaders made public that the massacre in Ayotzinapa “is a State crime, a sign of the deep decadency of political institutions in the country.”

On 26 September, students from the teachers school of Ayotzinapa went to collected funds in the city of Iguana, Guerrero State 200 kilometers from Mexico City. The students were attacked by municipal police and members of drug trafficking cartel.

Six people were killed in those attacks, three were students. 43 students disappeared during the attack, and so far no nothing is known about them. Some witnesses testify that they were killed and buried in clandestine graves.“

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