Seattle participates in the international “March Against Monsanto”


Activists in Seattle joined farmers, food justice workers, and advocates for organic fruits and vegetables as they rallied at Westlake Park before marching to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Divestment from Monsanto was a direct request of the demonstrators to Bill Gates, but the Trans Pacific Partnership and it’s impact on climate and food justice, was another topic of conversation. Speeches were given on the importance of bees, the struggles of Sakuma farm workers, and attendees were urged to boycott Driscoll’s fruits as well. A table top example of “aquaponics” was set up at the rally, in addition to free bags of seed balls, and copious amounts of literature on the possible dangers of GMO’s and the long and twisted history of Monsanto, from Agent Orange to Roundup. Demonstrators marched with colorful signs and banners and chants of “hell no GMO” could be heard through the streets of downtown Seattle. Followed closely by SPD on bicycles, and led by a phalanx of SPD on motorcycles, the peaceful march was joined by families and activists of all ages.

From the “March Against Monsanto” Facebook event page…

It’s time for another BIG rally & march!
MAY 23rd at Westlake Park for #MAM!

Join thousands of folks from the greater Seattle region, all over Cascadia, as we say NO to the terrible biotech/bigAgra models presented by Monsanto. There is a better way!

We’ll be sharing educational info about the dangers their products create. How these toxins affect our soil & waterways, can pose a threat to bees & other pollinators, & affect the health of our children. We’ll discuss the basic agricultural economics that just don’t make sense and share info about Urban Farming and things that do!

Schedule of Events Includes:

*12 NOON Rally at Westlake — Speakers from Community Alliance for Global Justice (CAGJ), WAMend, Educating the Gates Foundation, Beacon Food Forest, and more. Plus live music. (See below)

* 2:30 PM — March from Westlake to The Gates Foundation for protest, smaller rally and speak-outs! (march time is approx.)

Music at rally featuring:
Gary Kanter – humorist and political irritant!
Seattle Raging Grannies – political choral fun for everyone!
ATOMIC BALLROOM! – local alt rockers who believe in Food Freedom!

Join us to Stand Up for #Biodiversity, #SafeFood, #Organic #FamilyFarmers & your “Right to Know” what’s in our food! We’ll be protesting the ongoing attempt to pass the DARK Act, and demand that The Gates Foundation divest from #Monsanto.

Invite Invite Invite!!! Please, bring a friend with you who NEEDS to know MORE about this topic.

***Bring the Kids, this is a Family-Friendly event!***

Check the posts below for announcements about Work Parties and other ways YOU can get involved. Or send a message to the page admins at Seattle March Against Monsanto to find out more!

Don’t just March Against Monsanto, Bee Against Monsanto. Everyday. Plant It Forward! Check out our friends at #BAM to see what they’re doing to support the annual #MAM event! Thanks to OCA- Organic Consumers Association for their support again this year.

Got a link to share? You can help educate others right on this event timeline. Check back often and post your pix after the rally and march!” –

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