Kayaktivists form luminary flotilla in protest of Shell’s Arctic drilling rig

Activists in kayaks, rowboats, and sailboats, joined at Don Armeni Beach Park in West Seattle for an after sunset float in Elliott Bay to protest Shell’s Arctic drilling rig, the “Polar Pioneer” and to celebrate World Environment Day. Entertainment was provided to the crowd on land and activists on the water by way of a concert stage on a floating barge, with the entire system being powered by several solar panels, hence the name of the barge, the “Solar Pioneer”. As the sun set, Paul Cheoketen Wagner began to play his native flute as kayaks gathered near the barge. Paul eventually boarded a boat to drum and lead the procession of kayaks to the rig and back. As the kayaks made their way back to land, shouts of “Shell No!” could be heard echoing across Elliott Bay in a defiant reminder that the people have not forgotten or given up in the fight against Shell and Arctic drilling.

From the Facebook event page…

“Celebrate World Environment Day (and NIGHT!)
Don Armeni Beach Park (West Seattle)
Friday, June 5, 6-10:00pm

Concert on the barge with SOL, Wanz and Amos Miller Presents SuperSquare, Love City Love followed by a floating lantern procession of kayaks and boats.

We are reclaiming the territory of our imaginations and aspirations, creating a Solutionary Culture of transformation and possibility.

Join the creative force of the Backbone Campaign and friends for this luminous flotilla and vigil for the Earth that sustains us! Local artists from throughout the region will be displaying their magical light works. The event will open with music and hands-on arts projects to “hold the light” for what is threatened by Arctic drilling and climate change.

The location, Don Armeni Beach Park and adjacent waters, is north of the glow from the Shell oil drilling rig.

If you missed the epic Paddle in Seattle, here is a deLIGHTful second chance!

Kayakers, please email kayak@backbonecampaign.org or call (206)408-8058. (Reduced kayak and paddle board rentals may be available soon)
Boaters, please contact Capt Marnie at thrival@comcast.net.
Lantern-makers and artists, please contact: denise.henrikson@gmail.com.
For general information, updates and to donate to make all this possible, visit: http://shellnoflotilla.org/

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