Trans Pride Seattle 2015

June 26th, 2015 Trans Pride Seattle kicks off Pride weekend in Seattle with a march to support those in the Transgender community as they continue their struggle for justice and dignity. Hundreds gathered at Seattle Central before marching and were joined by a lone Bible beater with a sign. Although he was asked to leave by both organizers and police, he did not, and according to organizers the police took no further action, although the organizers had a permit and felt harassed. The bigot was mostly ignored as those at the rally were far to busy having a good time and celebrating to pay attention to him. The Christian fundamentalist eventually found himself “glitterbombed”. Marchers took a route through Capitol Hill down Broadway to Pike, up Pike to 11th, and into Cal Anderson Park, where they were joined by hundreds of others. Booths from organizations like the Ingersoll Gender Center, Gender Justice League, Gay City Health and API Chaya were set up to provide information and get people involved in the community. Mayor Ed Murray spoke briefly and declared June 26th, 2015 to be Transgender Pride Day in Seattle.

From ” Trans* Pride Seattle: Trans* Pride Seattle is an annual event organized by Gender Justice League in association with local organizations who support the Seattle-area trans* and gender non-conforming community. Supporting organizations for Trans* Pride Seattle from past years include (but are not limited to) the GBSA, Café Vita, The Pride Foundation, Gay City Health Project, and Social Justice Fund Northwest. Trans* Pride Seattle is open to everyone who believes trans* and gender non-conforming people deserve to live lives free from violence, discrimination, stigmatization, poverty, hatred, rejection, medical abuse and neglect, and mental pathologization. We encourage the participation of groups, organizations, and individuals in the trans* and gender non-conforming community and those offering services directly to our community. The Mission The goal of Trans* Pride Seattle is to increase the strength of the trans* and gender non-conforming community and its allies, both within and beyond Seattle, through increased visibility, decreased isolation, increased connection and love, and the celebration of our amazing lives. Together as a community we do more than survive, we thrive; creating collective endeavors that support our needs as parents, children, friends, lovers, students and workers; building space within the various communities to which we belong to participate fully, as our entire selves; and fighting for freedom, rights and respect in society. Trans* Pride Seattle is a vital step in this journey. Trans* Pride Seattle seeks to show our numbers, share our ideas, and call for an end to the violence, discrimination, stigmatization, poverty, hatred, rejection, medical abuse and neglect, and mental health pathologization that trans* and gender non-conforming people face. We aim to increase the visibility and acceptance of Seattle’s vibrant trans* and gender non-conforming communities by recruiting allies and engaging the wider community on trans* issues while celebrating our rich diversity, strength, and beauty. The Date Trans* Pride Seattle takes place on the Friday before Seattle’s Pride Festivities (the last weekend in June).  Trans* Pride Seattle 2015 will take place on June 26th. The March starts at 6:00pm (assembly beginning at 5pm), with festivities in Cal Anderson running from 6:45pm to 10:00pm. The March Trans* Pride Seattle starts with a march. We assemble at the courtyard north of Seattle Central Community College for the march at 5:00pm. At 6:00pm we begin to march down Broadway towards Pike Street where we turn left, march east on Pike Street and then left onto 11th. The March will end with a rally and celebration in Cal Anderson Park. The Rally Trans* Pride Seattle is proud to curate a diverse and powerful group of speakers and performers from around the United States. A few speakers from select local organizations will also be taking the stage to discuss their work and the services and opportunities they offer.  In addition, there will be an information and resource fair with a wide variety of community groups and organizations doing outreach. There’ll also be food trucks and our beloved community out in full force! And You The Trans* Pride Seattle events in 2013 and 2014 were both a smashing success, with participation by thousands of community members and allies. We received the support and involvement of a wide range of community organization as well as coverage by local, national and international media. Let’s continue the tradition and make 2015’s Trans* Pride Seattle an unforgettable gathering, celebration and rallying cry heard around the world. Please help us out by donating and joining us in volunteering .”

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