Community members gather to remember the victims of the explosion in Tianjin, China

On August 12th, a warehouse explosion in Tianjin, China killed 150 people and injured more than 700 while doing millions worth of damage to the surrounding area. A group of community members in Seattle gathered on August 23rd to pay respects with poetry, music, and a moment of silence.

From the Facebook event page…

Please join us in honoring and mourning the lives lost in the devastating Tianjin explosions this last week. The death toll is now 200 and thousands have become homeless. Over 700 people are injured and too many are missing. This memorial is hosted by the Asian Pacific Rim Solidarity Network (PARISOL). We seek to raise awareness of the deeply harmful social and environmental impacts of this disaster and be in solidarity with those impacted. Everyone is welcome to join. We ask that this space be held with respect and in safety as people grieve. Please feel free to bring candles, incense, flowers, poetry, and words to share.

Video of explosion on Wednesday, investigation of chemicals that were released

Summary of explosions and impact


-What is needed to prevent another disaster like this?

-How can folks in the US support people in China who were impacted? How can we support Chinese workers rights and labor organizing?

PARISOL is a Chinese/Chinese-diaspora organization for revolutionary international solidarity. We stand for worker’s power from the Foxconn factories in Shenzhen to Seattle restaurant kitchens where Chinese people are exploited for profit. We are dedicated to challenging anti-black racism in Chinese communities and creating meaningful Chinese/African-American solidarity relationships. All power to the people!“

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