Climate activists and 350 Seattle continue push for Gates Foundation divestment from fossil fuels

In an continued effort to influence the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to divest from fossil fuels, alt-folk duo “Animals of Grace” played for those handing out fliers and holding signs outside the Gates Foundation headquarters.

According to the Gates Divest website, gatesdivest.orgThe Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has highlighted the need to reduce annual investment in fossil fuels by at least $30 billion per year in order to avoid catastrophic climate change. Yet the world’s largest charitable foundation, the Gates Foundation, has 100s of millions of dollars invested in companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, BP, and Peabody Coal. We call upon the Gates Foundation to divest from fossil fuels and to use their global influence to encourage the essential shift of investment capital away from the fossil fuel industry.”

When Alec Connon, an organizer with 350 Seattle, was asked about continued efforts to influence the Gates Foundation to divest, he replied “In the run up to Paris, we need individuals such as Bill and Melinda to step up and take leadership and we, the people of Seattle, will continue to turn up outside the foundation everyday between now and then to let them know that. We will be outside the foundation everyday that they’re open and we’ll continue to have music and speakers every Saturday. If you want to get involved, email”

From the Facebook event page…

We’ve been handing out flyers every day the Gates Foundation’s visitor’s center is open since the campaign launch on 9/9. We thought we’d make this Saturday’s flyering more lively with some live music!

Seattle’s alt-folk duo Animals of Grace (Erika Lundahl and Doug Indrick) will be performing LIVE on the sidewalk outside the foundation for FREE from noon to 2pm. Come on down, meet other campaign members, enjoy the music, and even hand out some flyers to passersby.

Huge thanks to Animals of Grace ( for coming down.”

You can see a list of Gates Foundation investments here…

You can read more about the “Gates Divest” campaign here…

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