8th Annual Abolish Columbus Day March and Rally in Seattle

Although the city of Seattle passed a resolution in 2014 to rename “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous People’s Day”, activists gathered in Seattle to protest the continued state and federal celebration of Christopher Columbus. Columbus, described by many as “genocidal” and a “slave trader” (http://goo.gl/rTdpHl) is quickly losing favor as cities around the country are joining Seattle and Minneapolis, who just last year voted to abolish Columbus Day. In a Guardian article, published October 11th, 2015, we see the fight to abolish Columbus Day has been garnering success since the 90’s. “South Dakota renamed Columbus Day to Native American Day in 1990, and it has been an official state holiday ever since. Berkeley, California, has observed Indigenous Peoples Day since 1992.” In 2015, at least six additional cities will be celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus day.

From the Facebook event page…

The state of Washington, and several other areas across the so called “United States” still celebrate the man who helped to initiate the worlds worst cultural genocide and slave trade.

Join an all star list of powerful presenters and leaders as we take it to the streets until the state of Washington, and Federal level governments recognize that Columbus was no hero!

Everyone is welcome! We need your support to raise the awareness and motivation of the general public and shift the atmosphere of the world we live in for a better tomorrow

We will meet at Westlake and march to Native Park around 1pm (steinbrueck) there will be food and water available.

share your thoughts and photos using hashtags

Confirmed speakers
Matt Remle
Eaonhawinon Trish Allen
Ayanna Fuentes
Savage Family
Alas Nocturnas
Nikkita Oliver
Sarra Tekola
Sarra Tekola
Ayanna Fuentes
Sara Marie Ortiz”

Rise and Decolonize! 8th Annual Abolish columbus day rally and march

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