Seattle students, activists, and community members march in solidarity with students at the University of Missouri

Students from the University of Washington joined with community activists to rally at Red Square and march through UW’s campus. More than 300 demonstrators marched through the rain in solidarity with Black students at the University of Missouri. The protest moved from Red Square to Gerberding Hall home to the office of the President, Provost, and other administrative offices. Protesters then moved to Suzzallo Library and the Reading Room chanting “Same story every time, being black is not a crime” and “Black Lives Matter”.

Activists then marched across a wet Red Square to Odegaard Undergraduate Library where they held space for people of color to speak on issues of race, white supremacy, and the inherent racism in our education system. The demonstration then moved 15th Ave, taking the street and holding space at 45th Ave., backing up traffic for miles to read the names of those killed at the hands of police, vigilantes, and white supremacists. Police were witnessed pushing a young woman of color as activists took the streets, but no arrests were made.

From the Facebook event page…”We, as black students and the black community in Seattle stand in Solidarity With the Black Students at the University of Missouri. After a series of racist incidents led to the resignation of two top officials, President Wolfe and Chancellor Loftin–We are seeing the lives of Black students being openly threatened and terrorized within their own campus. This terrorism is not new to us at the University of Washington. Black students do not have the privillege to obsess over Starbucks cups when educational systems that are meant to be safe spaces continually fail us. Not only do we have to jump through tremendous obstacles like school to prison pipeline and police brutality but furthermore– black students at Missouri are fleeing campus amidst threats in order to save their lives. Black students at UW know this fear and what it means to have no system built to protect us. This demonstration is to show our solidarity!. All allies are asked to stand with us.
Please bring signs with these readings for Unity.

“I Support Jonathan Butler”
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!” ” – Solidarity With University of Missouri Black Students

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