Joe Ku’e Angeles – What happens if the pipeline gets completed? “They say it can help out the economy, but we think it doesn’t really help. Oil’s not the way to go anymore and the money should be diverted other places. This style of energy is not the way to make an investment. They’re gonna lose their timeline, so the money’s not going to be there for them.” Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “Oh definitely. It’s worldwide now. Me from Polynesia, our story is the same. We’re based on the land and the best thing for people is the land, how to understand and be bound to that. There’s a new kind of consciousness so I think the whole world is saying we need to do something different.” What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? “Trump’s idea for America is not what we need. My awareness is your awareness. The next four years is going to be difficult. We’ve gotta stay out of the violent side.”

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