Synthia Kennedy – What happens if the pipeline gets completed? “Death, really. If the Missouri River gets polluted, it goes to the Mississippi, then to the Gulf. The Mississippi and the Great Lakes support a lot of the watershed. Oil will seep into the rest of everything. There’s nobody that can escape. The tress will be poisoned, the animals that depend on those rivers, all the people who depend on that water, not only to drink, but for food, and they will die. The only people the pipeline benefits is corporations. Nestle has tock in DAPL and they also bottle water. The only people who can survive it are people with money and even then it’s not guaranteed. “ Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “Absolutely, I think this is showing people that not only will indigenous folks won’t stand for this, but everyone is not going to stand for this. We all depend on the water. Quite simply, water is life. Not to coin a phrase that everyone is using but it is the fundamental of life. Without water, none of us supply. If we have no plants, we have no life, we have no air. The planet is under attack. If you think of the planet as a living organism, which it is, the rivers and watersheds are it’s blood supply and your putting a pipeline through a river is putting an IV directly into the water supply, into the earth’s veins. It’s not a matter of if the pipeline ruptures, it’s about when. If people understood how to work the pipelines safely, we wouldn’t have thousands of oil spills every year. The Gulf is still contaminated, it’s still not safe. Doing this, especially this far up in the water supply is suicide.” What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? “Too many fucking ways. When I was 16 I was helping on HB1722 which includes gender identity and gender expression under the equal employment act and with his election everything I have worked for, everything I have fought for since I was a kid in HS is null and void. The potential that my life, my right to be considered a person is at stake. That coupled with this, it’s like I have a loaded gun to my head at any given time. The fact that he’s made it this far is appalling to me. The fact that we allowed somebody to stand up on stage and say all that stuff about women and about queer folks and about people of color and about disabled folks is appalling to say the least. That being said, indigenous folks and queer folks, we’ve survived worse. We’re not going down without a fight. Whatever that looks like is whatever that looks like. Nothing here is safe, it’s an active war zone. I pity anybody that is on his side or anybody that try to strip the rights of indigenous or queer folks, because we’re not going to take it. I don’t know if he know’s what he’s gotten himself into.”

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