Clarence Rolland – What happens if the pipeline is completed? “Basically we’re just waiting for the time it breaks, because it will break eventually. I hope it doesn’t get finished, we can’t have it finished, we can’t have that oil coming through here because it’s just a matter of time before it breaks and it will definitely ruin our water.” Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “Possibly. It’s time we start stepping up for Mother Earth and stop from polluting her. It’s gotten to the point where all our water is almost gone. Its sad. I would definitely go to another site to support. I’ve been here for 3 months now and I wouldn’t mind going somewhere else.” What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? “I really didn’t like trump and didn’t want him to win. I don’t like him, he’s really racist. He wants to get rid of immigrants when he’s an immigrant himself and he doesn’t like Native Americans. He also said shoot to kill the protectors. We’ll see how long he lasts. He will definitely be against us because he doesn’t like native Americans.”

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