The Nawt-sa-maat Alliance

On a warm sunny day at the Daybreak Star Indian Center, hundreds of people gathered for a “ceremonial launch of the Nawt-sa-maat Alliance” and salmon dinner with views of the Salish Sea. Attendees listened to speakers, spiritual leaders gave blessings, and people danced and sang in unity of their common desire to protect the environment.

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From the website

“This coming Sunday marks the ceremonial launch of the Nawt-sa-maat Alliance: a coalition of Coast Salish Nations, environmental, interfaith, and youth activists, and impassioned community members who love the land and waters of the Salish Sea and call it home.

Nawt-sa-maat is a Coast Salish word that can translate to “One House. One Heart. One Prayer. United in power to Protect the Sacred.” The Alliance is calling for unprecedented, unified action to protect and restore the Salish Sea and its communities from the fossil fuel projects that threaten the region. The gathering takes place on Sunday, September 7th at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center and includes a Ceremony and a Salmon Bake to launch and strengthen the extraordinary collective work taking place in the region. The gathering will be an opportunity to learn about and join the Nawt-sa-maat Alliance, bring diverse groups of people from around the region together, and plug into a growing network of people and organizations who stand in unity to protect the Salish Sea.

All members of the Human Family are invited and warmly welcome to take part!”

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