Working Washington leads low wage and fast food workers in a rally and march across the I-90 bridge to Bellvue

In an event reminiscent of the march from SeaTac to Seattle, workers, union members, and community activists rallied at the McDonalds on Madison. Malcom Cooper Suggs, a McDonalds worker spoke on $15 an hour, “$15 an hour has the ability to alleviate that struggle from us, and not just that, but bring back some of the dignity and respect we deserve as people, because we are people. Too often we are just seen as workers, we have on these uniforms, we look exactly the same. They think that we are one with the company. That’s all they see, people who flip burgers and take orders. At the end of the day, when we clock out, we are all people. I think that’s true for anybody who does their job. This cameraman isn’t a cameraman no more after he clocks out, hes a regular person. We deserve our dignity and I think that comes with a living wage.”

After a few more words, the demonstrators marched through Seattle to the I-90 bridge via the East Portal Viewpoint Park. As the hundred or so demonstrators moved across the bridge on the sidewalk, they made room for bikers  by staying to one side. Vehicle traffic on I-90 headed West came to a predictable crawl as drivers strained to read signs as they passed. Some car drivers honked in support while others held fists of solidarity as they drove by.

The march across I-90 was accompanied by a small boat on Lake Washington, carrying people holding signs and using air horns.

Further actions are planned throughout the day and you can find more information here…

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