Two marches in Seattle share same message of “Black Lives Matter” as they march in opposite directions

Demonstrators at the University of Washington gathered in Red Square at 11am to stand in solidarity with protests happening around the country in response to lack of police indictment for the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. Approximately 200 activists marched through the UW campus before blocking streets around the university. At 1pm, a separate group of protestors met at Garfield H.S. for a rally and march led by Garfield students and organized by the NAACP and United Black Clergy. The approximately 200 demonstrators then marched through the Central District as they made their way to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park for more speakers.


From the University of Washington event Facebook page…

“We the people of Seattle will be coming together in solidarity to stand up against this injustice, systemic racism, and police brutality. Bring your voice let it be heard! We will be having a peaceful protest in the U-District marching to downtown Seattle.We will be having a pre-march rally on December 13 at 11:00 am at red square on the University of Washington campus. We are taking it to the streets! Bring your friends. Bring signs. Wear T shirts. Make the public aware that this ends now! We are protesting to make sure incidents like Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, and Eric Garner don’t GO UNPUNISHED AGAIN! Stay safe. Stay together, and spread the word! SHUT IT DOWN!!

We will be having speakers at the beginning of the rally!

“After this I looked, and there was a great crowd that no one could number. They were from every nation, tribe, people, and language.”


A more in depth list of the many lives taken by police.


TODD PERALTA- 808-498-6702
ISAAC ROBINSON- 425-894-1717”

Garfield High School

From the Garfield High School event Facebook page…

“March from Garfield High School and Rally at Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park and join in Solidarity with the Black Community for the FAMILY FRIENDLY event to end police brutality, to demand Justice, Economic Development of the Black Community, Education that ends the School to Prison Pipeline.

We, the youth, the next generation of this country join with our Elders, unifying old and young to stop history from repeating itself. We are the future. If we want to live in a world where people are not afraid of the police we have to fight for change, for accountability, for an equal say in our destiny. People are angry now. We have to use our anger to fuel this movement, to affect change, to DEMAND JUSTICE. We can not stop until we see the change that we want.

As a people, we need to stand up and voice our opinions peacefully. Please come and show your support. Create signs and invite everyone you know. We cannot stay silent. We need to get loud and be heard. Voice your opinions and don’t stop until a proper change comes. Old and young, Black and white, red, yellow and brown-an injustice to one is an injustice to all. Black Lives Matter!!

The march will start at Garfield High School and proceed to Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park. There, we will rally, we will organize, this is just the beginning. We will make sure the police know that we will not stand for their violence. Have your voice be heard. You are not alone.

Mission Statement: We are here on behalf of the Black Community, because We Can’t Breathe, We Can’t Breathe, We Can’t Breathe…

Through nonviolence we fight to end the crisis of police brutality towards the Black Community and for a restructuring of our criminal justice system, of our unfair educational system, of inequitable economic opportunities, we fight for the Black Community. Justice for all. We fight.

In order to make sure the mission of this protest is accurately portrayed we have come up with some guidelines. They are as follows:

• No violence-be respectful even in the face of disrespect
• Do NOT touch the police officers
• Do NOT agitate the police officers
• Do NOT deface/destroy city or private property
• Do NOT move city or private property

If you do not follow these guidelines you will be asked to stop and then you will be asked to leave.

Hosted by:
United Black Christian Clergy of Washington
The Church Council of Greater Seattle
NAACP, Seattle Chapter”

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