Seattle demonstrators take protest to Seahawks home game

Sunday, December 14th 2014

Seattle Seahawks fans witnessed hundreds of demonstrators marching, sitting, and doing a “die in” in the street in front of Century Link Field while they made their way inside the stadium as the Seahawks prepared to face the 49ers. Sidewalks were left open for fans as police on bicycles and horseback kept the mostly peaceful demonstrators (unless you call tossing kumquats at the more drunk Seahawks fans, violent) to the center of the street. Plenty of spittle flew as drunken Seahawks fans could be heard yelling “The police are here to protect you from me!” and “We don’t give a shit, get the fuck out of the way!”. Protestors could be heard chanting “Black lives matter and not just on the field” and “If you love Richard Sherman, and you don’t care that he was called a thug, you are a hypocrite and you are not the 12th man… If you are wearing a black mans jersey and you are mad that we are saying “black lives matter” than you need to take it off and burn it, because you are a hypocrite”. One Seahawks fan found his way to the mic with words of encouragement to the protestors “I didn’t know it was taking place, and I saw this and I was inspired….Black Lives Matter guys, take care”.

From the Seahawks Shutdown: Black Lives Matter Facebook event page…

fe must be made inconvenient for the privileged until equal rights and justice for all are made real.-Shaun King

We Demand Justice for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and other victims of police brutality. WE SAY NO MORE Injustice. NO BUSINESS AS USUAL. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE.

Seahawks Game,10AM @ Century Link Field.
Bring your Seahawks gear if you have it and prepare to shake shit up a bit.

INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW. #IfNotUsThenWho #CivilRightsMindset #MakeThemListen

Remember, the nation is expecting this movement to die down after a few weeks. Let’s not let Seattle give anyone that satisfaction.

See you Sunday.“

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