Demonstrators bring Black Lives Matter protest to Bellevue Square Mall

A Black Lives Matter demonstration at the Bellevue Square Mall in Bellevue, Washington brought approximately 35 protestors the the central area of the mall near the three story Christmas tree and Santa Claus photo booth. Shoppers gathered at the balcony to watch as the activists held signs, sang, and chanted in a circle at the bottom of the stairs. Mall security and Bellevue police were already on hand as demonstrators gathered and more soon arrived as holiday shoppers looked on. One mother, previously eating at a food court with her child, joined the demonstration in chants of “Black lives matter!” and “No justice, no peace!” Riot police arrived after Bellevue Mall Security read a statement from the mall asking the demonstrators to leave. When no one left, police in riot gear formed lines and eventually encircled the demonstrators. As Bellevue police read an order to leave the mall, demonstrators put their hands up and exited the mall. They then marched along the sidewalk around Bellevue Square and crossed at crosswalks, followed closely by Seattle Police on bicycles, riot police from Renton PD and Bellevue PD and several mall security guards. Upon writing this, there were no reports of arrests or police violence.

From the Bellevue Square SHUTDOWN Facebook event page…”Bellevue could really use a little #BlackLivesMatter spirit on the last weekend before Christmas.

We will have a presence at Bellevue Square Mall ALL weekend. Bring signs, link up with other protesters, and let’s disrupt a little comfort on the Eastside. Remember, always stay in groups.

To be clear, we need anyone and everyone who supports the #BlackLivesMatter movement to step up, show up, and show your solidarity this weekend. OA_206 will not be able to lead each day, so we are calling for individuals to take a stand and show Bellevue that Black Lives Matter.

Outside Agitators 206 will be present on Saturday at 2pm. We will be caroling for justice and may stage a die-in. This will be a peaceful demonstration and we wan to keep everyone safe.

Legal observers will also be there as well. See you this weekend.”

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