Advocates for the homeless and housing activists hold rally at Burien city council meeting


As 60-70 demonstrators gathered in a parking lot, housing activists from Seattle Against Foreclosure and Eviction (SAFE), advocates for the homeless, and other social justice activists held a rally, decrying an ordinance passed by the Burien city council.  Activists consider the ordinance an attack on the homeless population of Burien while business owners suggest this will reduce crime in the area.

Burien Ordinance 606


From the event Facebook page…

Demand Repeal of City of Burien’s Ordinance 606/621 Banning Homeless People!!!

6:15pm Mon 02/23/15 Rally and March to Burien City Hall to Demand Repeal of City of Burien’s Ordinance 606/621

A coalition of Homeless People and Housing and Social Justice Organizations Demands that the Burien City Council Repeal this unconstitutional law, which jeopardizes Civil Rights.

We are organizing in resistance to and speaking out against this law to the Burien City Council because Ordinance 606/621 criminalizes homelessness.

In August, 2014 the Burien City Council passed Ordinance 606/621, which bans homeless people from public spaces in Burien for odd social offenses including body odor, “boisterous” behavior and tooth brushing in public restrooms. This law violates the U.S. Constitution and the U.N. Declaration of Universal Human Rights. It was adopted for the sole purpose of dehumanizing and criminalizing homeless people who have nowhere else to go. This law targets the most vulnerable members of our society, homeless people, who have human rights just like everyone in Burien. Homeless people should not be outlawed, profiled, harassed and banned out of their own community during the current crisis of homelessness in the Seattle metro area. The City of Burien needs to deal with the issue of homelessness in a compassionate and responsible way.

Monday, February 23rd

6:15 pm Homeless Banned in Burien March & Rally Meet at Burien Burger King parking lot near the Burien Transit Center 14893 4th Ave SW Burien, WA 98166 (Corner of SW 148th St & 4th Ave SW)

6:40 pm March to Burien City Hall Council Chambers, 400 SW 152nd St Burien, WA 98166

7:00 pm Rally and speak out to the Burien City Council against criminalization and profiling of homeless people through selective, targeted harassment, and enforcement based on perceived behavior and hygiene.

Participants and supporters of this action include:

Homeless Banned in Burien 606/621

SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure and Eviction)

SUDA (Students United for Direct Action)

Occupy CEHKC



Transit Riders Union

WHACC (Washington Homeless Anti-Criminalization Campaign)

ACLU of Washington

ITFH (Interfaith Task Force on Homelessness)

SKCCH (Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness)

Facing Homelessness

Tenants Union of Idle No More Washington

Seattle Displacement Coalition

Seattle Solidarity Network

Kshama Sawant – Seattle City Council

WLIHA (Washington Low Income Housing Alliance)

For more information
SAFE: (206) 203-2125“

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