Demonstrators hold protest against oil trains at Seattle’s King Street Station

Seattle activists brought their demonstration to the King Street Station to protest oil trains traveling under Seattle’s streets, no more than 40 feet from where the protestors were standing. The trains carrying oil are similar to those that have exploded in recent rail accidents. Seattle city council member, Mike O’Brien, spoke to the demonstrators regarding his stance against oil trains and fossil fuel use. A representative for city council member Kshama Sawant also read a statement in support of the continued activism concerning oil by rail and it’s path under the core of downtown Seattle.

A scan of a flyer handed out at the demonstration…


From the Facebook event page…

“With the latest string of oil train derailments, fires, explosions and spills across North America in the last week involving the newer and ‘safer” tank car models, it becomes ever more clear that there are no “safe” oil trains and that we can no longer accept any oil trains passing through and under Seattle and endangering our families, communities, lands, and waters.

1 to 3 of these dangerous oil trains travel through the 100 year old mile-long rail tunnel right under downtown Seattle every day.

Join us in calling City, County, State, and Federal officials to immediately stop these bomb trains, and to deny and revoke the proposed and existing permits for rail loops at the 4 refineries north of Seattle to which these dangerous bomb trains travel.

We will meet at 5:30 PM across the street from King Street Station on 4th Avenue and S. Jackson St, from where you can see the southern entrance to the rail tunnel.

The best way to get there is by hopping on any bus that goes to downtown Seattle or on the light rail.

If you feel inspired to bring a home made sign, do so. And there will also be plenty of LED lit letter panels and oil train props to help hold.

We look forward to seeing you all there to help send our message loud and clear.
Dress warm!”

2 thoughts on “Demonstrators hold protest against oil trains at Seattle’s King Street Station

  1. Where was everyone when the tracks were blocked last year by Socialist Alternative. Are we not together on this? Isn’t this our city? Shouldn’t we be fighting together against big business? Instead they are going to divide and conquer us

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