Seattle University students and faculty join national walk out for better treatment of adjunct professors

Hundreds of Seattle University students and faculty walked out of class to join Seattle city council members Nick Licata and Kshama Sawant in a picket on the grounds of Seattle University. Protestors demanded an end to union busting, as adjunct faculty are currently unable to unionize, although a vote by the adjunct professors shows interest. Kshama Sawant, who worked for both Seattle Central College and Seattle University as adjunct faculty at the same time, said “I was paid significantly more at Seattle Central, because I had a union that had negotiated a better contract”. Seattle University joined with other universities and colleges around the country for a national day of action in support of adjunct and non tenured teachers.

From the Facebook event page…

On February 25 at noon many of our professors, both adjunct and tenured, will be going walking off the job. They are striking because Seattle University administration has been fighting adjunct unionization on the grounds that they deserve religious exemption from labor law. The NLRB ruled that religious institutions are not exempt but SU has not shown signs of budging. Adjuncts face inadequate working conditions, unfair wage compensation and have no job stability.

Your adjunct faculty are asking for your support in their strike. Please consider attending the walkout in solidarity with our professors as well as faculty nationwide who will also be walking out.

Meet at the flagpole for a teach-in by professors. We will then move to 12th Ave and Columbia for a picket to draw public attention to the plight of SU adjuncts.

Please also sign our student letter committing to support of the SU unionization efforts:”

For more information on the National Adjunct Walkout Day…

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