UW Regents dinner ends with police escort of board members from the building

Approximately 75 students, workers, and union members met at the Husky Union Building to protest wage inequality. The demonstrators then marched to the The University of Washington Club for the Regents Dinner. After marching to the building, students formed a picket line, chanted “Reclaim UW”, and eventually entered the building. UW police kept a watchful eye and and denied any signs on sticks from entering. Students entered the Cascade room where a separate dinner was being held before entering the room holding the Regents Dinner. The Regents were standing, reading material passed out by UW students while other students and workers spoke on issues of income inequality, higher tuition, $15 min. wage, too many vacancies, etc. The director of the board announced they could stay if they weren’t distracting. The students continued to state their demands and police formed a line around the table. The board turned away from the crowd and sat down to eat their dinner while the students and workers kept speaking. The director announced again, amid boos and jeers, that they were being disruptive and needed to leave. The chief of the UW police then attempted to speak but was drowned out by students booing and demanding to be heard. UW students continued to speak and the decision was made by the board to cancel the meeting. The regents then stood up and exited the meeting room escorted by UW police. Students continued to speak and eventually left the building.

“On Wed, April 8, the UW Board of Regents will enjoy an extravagant meal on campus ‑ but students and workers are crashing their party.

A new coalition of students and workers called Reclaim UW will attend the Regents dinner to demand an end to rampant inequality on campus. Tuition has increased over 230% since 2000. The campus has witnessed drastic budget cuts and the rise of poverty wage jobs, while over 1,700 UW employees are being paid over $150,000 a year.

Message us if you’re interested in joining the growing list of campus organizations that are part of Reclaim UW.

Academic Workers for a Democratic University (AWDU)
African Student Association (ASA)
Asian Coalition for Equity (ACE)
Confronting Climate Change (Divest UW)
Health Equity Circle (HEC)
International Socialist Organization (ISO)
Outside Agitators 206
Scholars Against Systemic Racism (SASR)
Social Worker Student Union (SWSU)
Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER)
UAW 4121
United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS)
UW Real Food Challenge (RFC)
UW Students for Farmworker Justice
Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) Local 1488”

– Facebook event page… https://www.facebook.com/events/442588669251306/

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