The “Fight for $15” march through Seattle brings almost 1000 demonstrators to the streets

Several hundred workers, students, teachers, activists, and union members gathered at Occidental Park in Seattle for a rally to mark the start of a protest for living wages in Washington. The demonstration, part of a national day of action, brought together workers from all walks of life, from WalMart to Seattle University, with a focus on labor rights and enforcing the $15 minimum wage in Seattle. The first stop on the route was in front of the Uber offices in Seattle, where activists demanded drivers receive fair compensation. As the march continued towards Westlake Park, workers could be seen raising fists of solidarity, waving, or honking horns as demonstrators walked by. Working Washington and other labor groups met the crowd at Westlake for a speaking event featuring workers from Macy’s, who receive less hours than required to pay their bills. Demonstrators then marched around Macy’s before heading to Cal Anderson to meet with workers from SEIU union members and continued down 12th Ave toward Seattle University. The protest entered the Pigott Auditorium, occupying the space with speakers, and banner drops. As the students filed out of the building, they were directed to 12th and Madison, where 21 activists were peacefully arrested for civil disobedience in protest of poor treatment of adjunct faculty at Seattle University.

From the Facebook event page…

From SeaTac & Seattle to Olympia & Aberdeen and beyond, working people are rising up and taking on giant corporations like McDonald’s, Walmart, and Alaska Airlines.

We made history by passing a $15/hour minimum wage last year — but $15 in Seattle is just the beginning.

There will be actions & events across the state, but it all comes together in Seattle, when 1000+ will snake through downtown with rallies, actions, and more that let the world know: $15 is just the beginning.

$15 is just the beginning:
Worker rights and justice for all.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
2:00 pm Occidental Park
3:00 pm Westlake Park
3:30 pm Cal Anderson Park
4:30 pm Seattle University (12th & Marion)

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