Hundreds attend a Black Lives Matter demonstration in solidarity with Baltimore


The streets of Seattle held hundreds of Black Lives Matter demonstrators marching in solidarity with those protesting the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of police in Baltimore, MD. Demonstrators held intersections while those who wished to speak addressed the crowd through a megaphone on issues of police brutality in cases around the nation and in Seattle.

From the event Facebook page…

“Enough is Enough

Freddie gray is dead because the police BEAT HIM AND BROKE HIS SPINE AND DENIED HIM MEDICAL ATTENTION ,which caused him to die. Now The Baltimore Maryland POLICE have blood on their hands and Baltimore Maryland is on fire because Police across the nation have been exterminating Blacks like the Nazis exterminated people week after week for months on end–THIS HAS TO STOP-TIME TO MARCH ON SEATTLE AND PUT A END TO the POLICE BRUTALIZING PEOPLE AND The police MURDERING PEOPLE

WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND BE UNITED AS ONE AGAINST injustice ,racism,oppression,police brutality and get JUSTICE FOR Freddie Gray and be in solidarity with Baltimore Maryland


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#BaltimoreUprising #blacklivesmatter #SolidarityWithBaltimore


#RekiaBoyd #FreddieGray #MyaHall” –

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