Protests Against Shell Continue With Idle No More Event At Don Armeni Park In Seattle

Activists continue their protest against Royal Dutch Shell’s Arctic drilling rig, The Polar Pioneer, as members of the Idle No More movement hold a “Native Women Rising” rally at Don Armeni Park in Seattle.

From the Idle No More press release…

“SEATTLE, WA – On Sunday June 14, 2015 Idle No More Washington is organizing a nonviolent, Native-led, peaceful resistance to the Shell rig, ‘The Polar Pioneer’ that occupies the Port of Seattle Terminal #5. This is an open-invitation to all (Natives and non-Natives), a family-friendly event that features Native American, Alaska Natives, and People of Color life-givers (female) who are defenders for the people, land, environment, the Arctic and the Salish Sea. We are asking the media to be sure to interview Native and People of Color speakers and performers.

The traditional canoes from the Swinomish Tribe, with skipper Eric Day, will leave the Don Armeni Boat Ramp, 1222 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, 98116 at 11 am (pre-interviews can take place from 10 – 11 am)…

…The Arctic and Salish Sea has sustained sacred life for millennium. Natives and non-natives are unified in seeking spiritual guidance to bring a peaceful resolution to protect the Arctic and Salish Sea.  We raise our hands (honor) the Coast Salish People on the sacred land and Salish Sea we will gather, the Muckleshoot Tribe, Duwamish Tribe, and Suquamish Tribe of whom we have asked permission to do this cultural and spiritual work.

This is much bigger than Royal Dutch Shell to use the Port of Seattle Terminal #5 for their drilling rigs, and stopping the drilling in the Arctic. We must ask how can we can make a commitment in finding other sources of energy, revenue, and work that is not devastating to our traditional way of life, contribute to climate change, and rising sea levels. How can we seek other alternative energy sources beside the proposed coal and oil terminals, the transport of them through the State of Washington? It will take all of us working together to make this a world in which we can be proud of, and making a difference for our children. This event has sparked hope and inspired Natives in Alaska to organize their own event on the same day! I hope together we can do something that is befitting our ancestors love for this land, the Arctic, and Salish Sea! You are invited to join us and be Idle No More!”

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