Shilo – What happens if the pipeline is completed? “It shows that corporate America prevails. There no such thing as law, or justice, or equal treatment or respect for native Americans, or even acknowledgment of everyones right to clean drinking water. It shows that money and anything else that helps turns the wheels of capitalism is far more important than the well being of the earth.” Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “Oh hell yeah. This is just the beginning of something great. You’ve got environmentalist who have been doing this for decades, you’ve got vets, you’ve got indigenous tribes from all over, different groups from all over the world, different organizations, different races and the new generation waking up. It’s not just a joke that protecting the environment is essential to our survival. This is just the beginning. This can maybe help set precedent on exposing how corrupt corporate America is” What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? I”m from 6 nations from outside Toronto, but I’ma dual citizen. I’m moving here. I think it will affect my life because he’s obviously a representation, a poster boy of corporate America. He has money invested in the DAPL. He’s very ignorant and egotistical and people who are ignorant and egotistical aren’t good listeners and I think if you’re going to lead a nation like the US that you should also be a listener because you are a representation of the people. People like him are not listeners, they are leaders of an agenda. There’s no government, just oil companies with armies and lots of money. It can affect me because I could end up going to prison just for standing up for water, standing up for indigenous rights. It can affect me, I have a lot of friends who are Chicano. There are a lot of indigenous people in Mexico, the US/Mexico border was just a line that was drawn by colonial powers, Spain and other European countries and there’s a lot of indigenous people who have a right to be on either side. It will affect me in a lot of ways. It will probably be a depressing four years, but a good one. I actually think now is the best time to move to America because now I get to see change and I get to see a generation and an era where people are going to come together and really fight and expose corporate America.”

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