Jamie Stuck – What happens if the pipeline is completed? “It’s not a good thing, because 1. It eats away at the sovereignty of the nation, their sovereignty rights are being dictated yet again by the federal government. If something happens and this eventually does go south, their water supply is done. WE actually had the Enbridge oil spill in Battle Creek a couple years back. We’re still dealing with the effects of that oil spill and what its done to the Kalamazoo River, which leads into Lake Michigan, and that’s our aboriginal waterway. We as a tribe are dealing with that still to this day. The cleanups still not done, you’re always going to have to have the cleanup and it’s going to take years and years to get that taken care of, so we know first hand as a tribe what it’s like to deal with oil spills. “ Is this resistance movement something that can move to another fossil fuel fight? “Yeah, whoever is ready to put the flag up and organize it and take it to different places. It’s a good vibe here. The nonviolent route is the way to go. Don’t let them push you. They want you to react, but you’ve just got to be nonviolent and let your views be heard. You’re representing 566 nations around the United States. You’re not just representing yourself. We’ve got to watch how we act. The non violent ways are the good ways we’d like to go.” What affect will Donald Trump’s election have on you? “We’re still waiting to see. One thing as far as moving forward and who we reach out to, we’re definitely going to have to find people as far as on our behalf as a tribe that have connections with the Republican Party. We just don’t have that right now. I don’t know what Trump is going to do, but he definitely is not going to be as proactive as Obama was in reaching out to the tribes and having that annual summit with the tribes. Well see how that goes. Obama really went out of his way to pay attention to the individual tribes and he really extended that out. Right now it’s just kind of up in the air. Get the administration checked and the cabinet chosen and we will see what we have to deal with when we see the new administration.”

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