Trump Executive Order Banning Travel from Majority Muslim Countries Sparks Massive Protests at SeaTac Airport

January 28th, 2017

Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven countries where Islam is the dominate faith did not spare Seattle. Within three hours of learning two people were being held at SeaTac airport, thousands of protestors gathered to demand their release. Joining protests at airports across the country, activists demanded an end to the ban and a release of all travelers being detained. As more activists arrived, Sound Transit announced via conductor that trains would be stopping at SeaTac, but the doors would not be opening due to a “security issue on the platform”. The stoppage of the light rail has been condemned by King County Executive Down Constantine. While some activists chose to stay and continue blocking entrances and exits, others began to leave around 11pm. According to many reports, Port of Seattle police began using force, arresting at least 4 individuals, and pepper spraying many others. The two travelers detained under the executive order were released the next day.

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