Hundreds rally in Seattle around unexplained Somali teen death

As fear and Islamophobia sweep across the world, spurred in part by white supremacist views in politics and hate filled rhetoric by presidential candidates like Donald Trump, activists in Seattle are taking to the streets. Just days after hundreds of demonstrators marched against fascism and white supremacy on Capitol Hill (Anti-Fascist march on Capitol Hill), the streets were soon full again after a young Muslim student’s unsolved death and an alleged lack of transparency by the Seattle Police Department.

On Thursday, December 10th, hundreds of students from both Seattle Central College (where Hamza was a Running Start student) and Rainier Beach High School (where Hamza was a junior) joined with Muslim leaders and community activists to remember the life of Hamza Warsame, the 17 year old student that died from injuries sustained in a fall from a six story building. More information on the investigation can be found here…CHS Blog – SPD investigates teens death

The protest called for more information regarding the circumstances surrounding Hamza’s death and called out the SPD for it’s lack of transparency with the family during the investigation. The family is being assisted by both One America and the NAACP in addition to receiving support from a local organization, Americans for Refugees and Immigrants.

A rally at Seattle Central College with speakers including Hamza’s sister, Ikram Warsame, 18 who said “We have had some of our questions answered but the investigation is still ongoing…Seattle Police Department has promised a thorough and unbiased investigation, and we will hold them to their promise and their word to us. We as his family will be relentless in finding the truth. I want to know what happened to my brother and I won’t let anything stop me…We hope to find the truth and we are confident that justice will prevail.” The rally was followed by a march to the Seattle Police Department East Precinct and soon returned to SCC to disperse. There were no arrests


Video from the event – Rally at Seattle Central College for Hamza Warsame


From the Facebook event page…

“My name is Hamza. I was 16 years old.

What is my fault? Am I the wrong color? Do I worship the wrong God? Do I look different? Why is the world not mourning for me? Does my blood not matter?

My death is under investigation, but the Seattle Police Department says it will not be investigated it as a homicide.

They ask us to be patient, not to jump to any conclusions, yet they are quick to call this an accident or fall.

Students and community members have expressed concern for Hamza’s death and their own safety.

We need SPD to prioritize this investigation. We need answers and justice, and we need them now.

We are your neighbors, doctors, care takers, nurses, teachers, coaches, chefs, chauffeurs, police officers, construction workers, scientists, classfellows… We contribute to our community, we pay taxes, WE ARE AMERICANS.

You will not ignore us. You will not brush our rights under the rug. You will not use the 1st Amendment to stir hate and violence in our communities.

Our children matter. We want justice. We want Hamza to be recognized.

The xenophobic, Islamophobic hate speech has plagued our psyche. Every single person from FOX News to the GOP presidential candidates and their supporters are responsible.

Why is media quiet? Do our children not matter? #Justice4Hamza #SayHisName” -#Justice4Hamza

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